Espresso Services has been servicing coffee machinery for over 32 years and we’re proud of the service we provide. As professional coffee engineers, we undertake all types of coffee grinder repairs and maintenance. We don’t like leaving any stone unturned so we also do coffee grinder management for any independent coffee shops that create the coffee from the bean itself.

Here at Espresso Services, we pride ourselves on being versatile with the service we provide. Our engineers will service your machines to the highest-quality leaving you with a well-maintained and fully-functioning coffee machine.


  • RELIABLE reactive breakdown service
  • UK’s only INDEPENDENT national coffee equipment service company
  • SERVICE every major type of coffee machine
  • Our EXPERTISE in coffee equipment, allows us to offer bespoke contracts to meet your needs

NATIONAL coverage for planned maintenance including annual services, boiler inspections, water filter and grindstone changes


Planned Maintenance is something we recommend one year in the plan; we test both your coffee machine and grinder, adjusting and adding parts if necessary. Planned maintenance includes cleaning the machine which is difficult if you aren’t knowledgeable with this machinery, Espresso Services can lift the wait off your shoulders. Coffee machines maintenance is critical for any café or shop that serves fresh coffee, because you want your coffee grinder to be functioning for as a long as possible so planned maintenance is definitely worth it to keep your machine running.

Grinder Management is another service we provide, replacing the grinder blades is important for continuing to produce top quality coffee that customers will enjoy. Without having the coffee grinder management your coffee will taste stale and old which won’t please the consumer. This shows the importance of the coffee grinder management without even changing the machine or the coffee.

An underrated service we provide is Water Treatment Managementthis is crucial for coffee machines to function properly and the quality of coffee generally comes down to the nature of the water. This service relates to the coffee machine maintenance nicely, the two services need to be perfect in order to create excellent coffee.

Reactive Management is one of our best characteristics, if your machine has a problem, just contact us and we will reply as soon as possible with our coffee machine maintenance tips. If the problem needs one of our service engineers to come and repair your machine so it’s up and running again.

Mandatory Boiler Inspections are necessary in order to keep in line with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 which states that the boiler must be inspected annually. This will ensure that employees and customers are safe from injury. Maintenance of the machine is not only important for quality of coffee produced but for safety reasons.

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