There is currently no way of monitoring the life of a water filter, unless a digital head is fitted. Hydracs will give you real time information about your filter and tells you at the exact point that your water filter need changing.

Let’s hear what Maxwell Colonna Dashwood has to say.

Even if a digital head is fitted, this is reliant on personnel on site, monitoring the readings, understanding what they mean and then contacting the service provider to request the filter is changed.

Water is often moved around the country and as such, the quality of the water can change in an area over any given period. this means that over the course of the filters life, the initial bypass setting may be incorrect.

Filters not being changed when they have expired, leads to scale damage to a machine and has a negative impact on the integrity of the taste of the coffee.

This also leads to downtime of the equipment effecting coffee sales and potentially to a high cost workshop descale.

Water that is too soft will be corrosive and water that that is too  hard will create limescale. Both will require expensive removal and repair of machinery.

A boiler by limescale.

The typical cost of a workshop descale to rectify this damage is significant Analysis by an early adopter has shown that they lost 258 business days of trading due to scale.


A flow meter in the telemetry unit , monitors the volume of water passing through the filter.

In addition to the flow meter, the tds is monitored too, to measure any changes in the particle content of the water.

This means that using these two parameters the telemetry can recommend when a water filter should be changed , based on volume and quality of the water passing through it.

The device will fit within the space currently provided for existing water filtration equipment.It is battery powered and uses 2G technology, so will be totally self-contained and require no interface with any equipment. A 4G variant is in testing and a further 5G model is under development.

Telemetry is monitored via a customer portal with exception based reporting highlighting 30 days, 7 days and expiration of a water filter, removing any need for staff on site to read or understand a digital head

Water filters will be changed exactly when they need to be, based on realtime information on water volume and quality, communicated via the telemetry attached to the filter.


The Hydracs units are provided on a weekly rental basis

  • The Standard package at £X per unit / week includes:
    • –  The Hydracs unit and technology
    • –  Access to the portal to monitor any changes in the water quality
    • –  Free ongoing software improvements
    • –  Notification of when the filter needs to be changed
  • Compatibility with other telemetric devices
  • Although  originally imagined for coffee machinery Hydracs is suitable for any equipment requiring filtered water and many are installed alongside convection ovens