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Espresso Service started in 1987, Our philosophy is to ensure that you are able to serve the perfect cup of coffee. We are a nationwide service company offering all types of coffee related services to the industry.

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To do this our engineers training starts with the quality of coffee served in the cup and works backwards from there. We understand your needs to keep coffee flowing and minimise any downtime of your equipment. Our engineers carry the most comprehensive stock of parts on their van to ensure the best first time fix rate.  Any emergency breakdowns are attended quickly. This minimised any inconvenience to you and your customers.

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Grinder Management

Coffee Grinder Blades

Commercial Coffee grinder blades require replacement every year.

Failure to maintain will be failure to make consistently good coffee. Old and stale coffee sat in the top of the coffee grinder will create problems. Coffee will begin to taste bitter and stale as old mixes with new. That is not acceptable.

Let Espresso Service take care of the maintenance on your grinder, we will replace the grindstones and reset the grinder to give you the perfect coffee .


To find out more about this service simply get in touch today and we will create you a plan going forward so you never need to worry again




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Planned Maintenance


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On site PMV – (Preventative Maintenance Visit)
Under the contract we recommend an annual PMV, this will entail a complete full functional test of your machine and grinder along with replacement parts and adjustments as below; Group heads cleaned, group gaskets and showers replaced, steam tap checked and washer replaced, check and adjust boiler pressure, replace boiler probe assembly, check and adjust boiler and pump pressure, coffee levels and weights from grinder, grind quality.


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Water Filter Change – Calcium Treatment Unit 

A calcium treatment unit will reduce the hardness in the water, thus preventing scale. Scale is a coffee machine’s worst enemy and should this be left unchanged scale will build up and could result in a costly de-scale process to remove it. Additionally a boiler inspector will not certify a machine as fit for use if there is evidence of a high scale build up.


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Boiler Pressure Test – Boiler Inspection

Pressure System Safety Regulations (2000)
The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 require pressure systems to be inspected in accordance with a Written Scheme of Examination . The Health & Safety at Work Act [1974] requires that all work equipment should comply with statutory workplace regulations. To adhere to this the coffee boiler requires a periodic examination by a qualified boiler inspector. This inspection is a requirement of the Pressure System Safety Regulations [2000] and needs to be carried out in accordance with a “written scheme of examination”.

If you have no evidence of an inspection an environmental officer could order you to shut down your coffee machine immediately.


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