Water is water, right? Well no, not really. You probably didn’t realise that it’s been scientifically proven that the better the quality of water to make hot drinks, the better the taste. 98% of coffee is water, so it’s important to make sure that it’s as clean and as clear as possible. Even in a small espresso, the coffee only makes up 10%, the rest is H20. Water plays a huge role in coffee, so why risk the taste of your coffee with poor quality water treatment management?

Using a water filter ensures that the water used by your coffee machine, no matter the type, is of optimum quality with no impurities to ruin your hot drinks. However, using a standard coffee filter will certainly change the taste your coffee, although it may not improve the taste of your coffee.

A water filter not only improves coffee taste, they protect your machine against the build-up and damage of limescale. Limescale can ravage your machine and cause long term damage, a simple water filter can prevent limescale damage with little to no effort. The prevention is always cheaper than the cure.


There are three important substances that impact on the flavour of our coffee massively. We often talk about the hardness of water and how we can travel around the country and some how the water takes different. Calcium breaks down the dissolving coffee, Magnesium mixes the flavouring compounds together while the Bicarbonate controls the pH levels of the water. The balance of these three chemicals is the key to a perfect cup of coffee.

Let us take full control for you, we will schedule for you water filter to be exchanged at least once a year depending on usage, Simply get in touch to find out more.


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