Vendon is a telemetry solutions provider for vending and coffee machines operating since 2008.

Vendon is part of the Draugiem Group, one of the largest IT companies in Latvia, currently employing over 250 employees in Latvia and over 250 in the USA.

Vendon is delighted to be able to operate with 500 varieties of machine models with more than 40 producers, allowing us to be experts in the vending and coffee industry.


Vendon modular telemetry product consists of two components-purpose built HW unit which runs on GSM network and cloud-based data analytics service.


  • More than just a sales report

Vendons sales reports and an in-depth analysis of machine sales, while being a simple way to follow purchases and to organise them using the diverse filters we provide.

  • Machine Monitoring

Our services provide business with real-time technical machine status, therefore reducing the down-time of machines allowing companies to be more productive in their work.

  • Maximum Profitability

Sales analytics reports aids businesses sale performance and optimisation and therefore increasing the overall profitability.

  • Technical Monitoring

Real-time machine monitoring allows businesses to keep up to date with stock levels, reducing the likelihood of empty shelves.